B&E’s Trees was founded in 2011, when Bree and Eric of B&E’s fell head over heels for a small corner of land in Southwest Wisconsin. Since then they have grown in partnership with Central Waters Brewing Company, and are now aging their delectable syrup in bourbon barrels.

B&E HoneyBee Products is a family oriented beekeeping business. Kimberly, the proprietor of B&E Honey Bee Products creates all of the candles and health and beauty products. She gets her raw products of beeswax, honey comb, honey and pollen from her son Gabe & his fellow beekeeper Ritchie. They currently have 200 hives throughout the rural Winona-Rushford-Lewiston area in Southeastern Minnesota. Gabe’s wife Erica helps with sales, marketing and health expertise.

Ballerina Botanical’s products are organic and made in small batches with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. They are committed to using only the best ingredients and take care in researching and formulating, so you will be completely satisfied with each product and trust our brand. They source locally, every opportunity we can. Every single ingredient is listed, so you will never have to question what you are putting on your skin.

Be Kind Naturals soap is handmade with all natural ingredients. Each batch of soap is mixed, poured, and cut by hand using the centuries old cold process method of soapmaking.

Big River Kombucha is a reflection of Matt and Jessica Remington’s joy for life, and focus on health and well-being. Each product is hand-crafted with a lot of care, flavored with only local honey, organic tea and botanicals, ensuring you get a product that tastes good and is good for you.

Big River Magazine is a bimonthly publication that features news and stories about the Upper Mississippi River and the Driftless Area. Subjects include travel tips, wildlife, environmental issues, restaurant and book reviews, and a variety of river news

Located in beautiful southeastern Minnesota, Blue Fruit Farm covers 5 acres of certified organic aronia berries, black currants, blueberries, cherry plums, elderberries, honeyberries, juneberries, and plums. Their farm overlooks a stunning microclimate known as Wiscoy Valley, surrounded by forest and native prairie.

There is a reason Bodylish soaps are referred to as gourmet soaps. Simple no-nonsense recipes married with only the finest, natural, and organic ingredients make their soaps rise to the top. They have spent decades ensuring that the soap you put all over your body is the best for you and the planet.

Today, Buffalo Gal, located on the Money Creek Buffalo Ranch, is a thriving business and a way of life. Although this is not the largest herd in the country, it is one of the finest quality herds you will find in America today.

Farmstead goat cheese by Katie Wiste, made in small batches with milk from her own pastured goats. From grass, to goat, to cheese!

Authentic, artisan sourdough bread, baked fresh just across the river in Fountain City, WI.

Carlson Roasting Company is passionate about quality hand crafted coffee. They buy Fair Trade and Organic coffees from around the world and roast them in small batches with attention to detail that brings out the potential of each batch.

Cowsmo, Inc. provides top quality organic compost to over 30 retailers in the Driftless region.

Specializing in authentic sourdough baking since 1996, the folks at Diamond City Bread allow their dough to rise overnight without yeast. This breaks down gluten, making it easier to digest. All their breads are made without additives or preservatives.

Richard Flax has spent most of his life in the restaurant business. After years of friends asking for more of his signature BBQ sauces, he decided to bottle it up and sell it in stores. Many awards and ribbons later, Down Under BBQ sauce is sold in grocery stores and markets throughout the Midwest.

Driftless Organics manages over 100 acres of ridge and valley fields in the enchanting Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. Beyond their legendary potatoes, they produce fruit, vegetables and sunflower oil that they share via farmers markets and grocery stores throughout the upper Midwest.

Certified organic by MOSA since 2001, Earth-Be-Glad Farm has been selling direct to consumers for over 25 years. The farm provides 100% grassfed beef raised on its organic farm in Lewiston, MN. The farm also offers organic chicken raised on its own homegrown organic grains.