Curious about becoming an Owner of Bluff Country Co-op, but aren’t sure about what it entails? Check out our video summary of the benefits, responsibilities and rights BCC Owners enjoy, and to start the process of becoming an owner of Bluff Country Co-op, email or ask a cashier during your next visit!

Become an Owner of Your Co-op!

  • One time stock purchase of $125 can be paid all at once or over a 3 year payment plan. There is no annual fee.

  • Supporting a local business dedicated to improving access to good food and enhancing our community’s quality of life.

  • Your stock can be sold back to the co-op, within the guidelines set by the board.

Receive Owner Benefits

  • Monthly owner-only deals

  • 15% off case purchases

  • The right to vote in co-op elections as well as run for a seat on the board

  • Patronage refunds during profitable years, as determined by the board.

Join the Co-op