Our work models and promotes:

Environmental Integrity

  • We support farmers, producers, and companies who use sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices

  • We dedicate shelf space to local and organic products

  • We approach our work with a mindset of sustainability

Commitment to Community

  • We strive to increase access to sustainable, organic and local products and services

  • We empower employees and shoppers to make educated, responsible food decisions

  • We offer a welcome and inclusive atmosphere

Fair Economic Practices

  • We do not separate economic success from the health of people, land, and community

  • We contribute to a robust local economy

  • We pay equitable prices for goods and equitable wages to our employees

Winona MN Coop

Bluff Country Co-op exists so that…

… our community has access to sustainable organic local products and services.

… our community is knowledgeable about food from farm to table and how our food choices affect health, economy, and the environment.

… our community has a vibrant local economy.

… the cooperative model is promoted and supported.

… we may promote and engage in fair and equitable economic relationships with our suppliers, employees, member-owners, and shoppers.

… our member-owners feel a sense of community, connection, and fellowship.